a chart showing human metabolism

Oh, Lucky Metabolism

Metabolism – the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. The fact that you are reading this piece on my website, dear reader, indicates you’re either young, or, if you’re getting long in the tooth like […]

four aces from a pack of cards

The Luck of the Draw

Life, in general, is pretty much based on being in the right, or wrong, place at the right, or wrong, time. Step off the kerb and you could find yourself being hit by a bus. Walk under a ladder and you may, […]

image of a man who has lost a lot of weight

The Great Body Build Up

Since my cancer diagnosis and starting chemotherapy in June 2022, I’ve lost about 5 stone in weight. In kilograms that’s about 32 kilos. In lbs for my American friends, 5 stone is around 70lbs. I was 17 stone and I’m now 12 […]


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