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I know, I know you’re thinking old dumbo has it wrong again. I should have typed Chemical Brothers… you know, the band? Well, no, I didn’t get it wrong, and I do mean Chemo Sisters. Sisters as in nurses, Chemo as in Chemotherapy for cancer.

You see, dear reader, yesterday was day four of my chemotherapy and I now have two days left on Tuesday next and the following Tuesday after that. The Chemo Sisters sure do like their Tuesdays.

I’m writing this at 23:17 because I can’t sleep, a side effect from yesterday’s jab. Also, I’m sweating profusely because it’s hot and it’s also another side effect from the jab. And I’m eating a bowl of cereal at the same time because I’m hungry, which is, another side effect. I can put up with these side effects. The fatigue is okay too, but I do tend to sleep a fair bit in the day, fifteen minutes here, an hour there. Which in the end explains the lack of sleep at night? Not to worry, I take it where I can.

As for the actual jab, it’s dead simple and in the preamble tests to discovering this cancer I had to inject myself at least a dozen times, for colonoscopy and endoscopy tests. So, no fear or worries there.

But I will be glad to get an out of order sign on my stomach after the next fortnight. I need a break from all this, and August may just be an enjoyable time to rest, take a break, up the coast, in a hotel and be pampered. Just what the doctor ordered.

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