A Journey in Time

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Anyone watching Doctor Who would be forgiven for thinking it would be a really cool thing to travel through time and space. After all, who wouldn’t like to see what their family and friends get up to in the future. Or even what the family were like in the past. You could also be forgiven for ideas about fiddling around with events, just to make things a little easier for you in the future. The classic being buying a lottery ticket where the numbers you choose you already know to be winners.

What most of us don’t realise is that we all travel in time, every minute of every day, all our lives.

To be a time traveller you only have to accomplish two things. To be born and to be born alive. Once you have achieved that, you have begun your journey in time. Most of us realise time is a linear thing… or is it? The good Doctor himself has described it as a sort of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey thing. Einstein on the other hand said time was an integral part of space and coined the phrase space-time. He said the two were inexorably linked, and in fact time does behave differently when we travel faster and faster, as do astronauts in space. Clocks on the ISS or any other space vehicle move slower than their counterparts on Earth. The effect is called Time Dilation.

Writing Science Fiction with a time travel theme, and I’ve managed one book, The Eternal Man, and am writing another, The Ragged Edge of Time for which you can read extracts from by clicking this hashtag – #RaggedEdgeofTime

With these time travelling stories, it’s been great fun making things happen time and time again or alter history to create an alternative universe. My hero in The Eternal Man, Jimmy Hyde, was trying to save the Earth from destruction due to mankind’s meddling, but all he managed to do was kill someone… and you will have to read the story to see the full reveal.

In The Ragged Edge of Time, my android hero, Gideon Prime, finds himself on the wrong side of history as World War 2 is ending and the good guys have lost. This theme, alternate history, is so popular in fiction, it’s even a subcategory of the science fiction genre.

In real life we only get one shot at getting it right; and there is no going back in time to try again. Which is a great blessing, because being human, we don’t really want more than one chance to muck things up.

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A young Magda Asparov travels alone from her home in Ukraine to America, to marry Matthew Turner, an unscrupulous American businessman. It’s an arranged marriage and part of the dowry is land in America the Asparovs own. But this parcel of land holds a secret only Turner is aware of. It has a huge reservoir of oil beneath it.
Magda’s journey is cut-short when her ship, the Titanic, hits an iceberg & sinks.
Magda is rescued by another ship, captained by Richard Blackmore.

In the ship’s sickbay, it’s discovered the survivor has lost her memory. The crew of the rescue ship give the survivor a name, Maggie, to use until her memory returns. But as the ship sails to New York a new personality in Maggie takes hold, stifling Magda in the process.
On reaching New York, Maggie accepts Captain Blackmore’s offer of help and occupies Blackmore’s guest room in his apartment. But over time, the couple fall in love.

Meanwhile, Matthew Turner feels Magda is still alive and has unleashed his henchman, William Harker, a crook, con artist, money shark and murderer. Turner hates to feel his investment has slipped through his fingers and is keen to track Magda down and keep alive his hopes of cashing in on her oil field. Harker is told to find any trace of Magda among the survivors arriving in New York.

Harker discovers Magda is alive but is unaware of who she is. Harker makes his plans to snatch Magda away from Blackmore. Leaving Blackmore as collateral damage and his life in ruins.


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