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What was it about the English in the 17th century, which made them want to go out and make scientific discoveries? In an age when their experiments were based on nothing more than an inkling as to what may happen when they experimented on other, less enlightened, subjects, they forged ahead and did some unspeakable things to their victims.

Take Richard Lower. Lower was born in St Tudy, Cornwall, England, in 1631 and became a renowned physician. He influenced the development of medical science for his pioneering work on blood transfusion.

In 1660, he and several other scientists became interested in using a technique of blood transfusion as a viable way of saving people’s lives. Lower, and several others, took part in what we would describe as gruesome experiments. Not once, but twice, Lower experimented on a hapless subject named Arthur Coga. Lower transfused half a pint of sheep’s blood into the arm of Coga and sat back to see what happened. Coga, by all modern standards, should have gone into shock, but didn’t. Two weeks later, Lower repeated the experiment on Coga and again there were no ill effects.

Enlightened scientists across Europe heard of Lower’s experiments and decided to conduct their own transfusion experiments. Not content with sheep’s blood, though, they tried milk, beer, wine, and a variety of other liquids, including in one case Mercury. In many cases, the experiments took a predictable course and many of the subjects died in distressingly agonizing ways. Today, we take blood transfusions for granted, though from time to time even in our enlightened times things go wrong. But if not for those poor souls, experimented on without knowing what was about to happen to them, I salute their sacrifice.

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Footnote: Oddly enough, I experienced a blood transfusion today. At least, the little old lady in the bed next to mine was getting a transfusion. I was getting chemo and she was receiving a huge bag, a lot for someone so small. It was B+ blood and she must have been in her early 80s, but it didn’t faze her. Once the drip was removed, she was up and out, on her own, no need for family to be there to assist. 

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