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Pain is not a pleasant thing to endure, especially when you know full well you have a drug that can relieve that pain. But when the side effects of the drug that can relieve the pain can be equally devastating if not understood, most people will try and mitigate the ensuing potential for addiction.

For my Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma cancer I’m taking Tramadol Hydrochloride for pain relief. This pain takes the form of a deep ache as well as a stabbing pain at any part of my body where there’s underlying bone, which is pretty much anywhere. There are days when the pain is acute and other days where there is little or no pain. So, rather than take two pills a day as prescribed, I’m taking an as and when needed approach. Because one side effect of this drug is addiction, and it’s not something users are always aware of.

There are other side effects, as with many drugs, and users should be aware of these too. Perhaps the word users should be taken in context, after all, I’m not a drug addict. But then that’s a potential problem with long term use of such a drug. Too much pain can lead to swallowing too many pills, despite prescribing two a day, I can take up to four. I did just that the other day and was tripping for most of the next 12 hours or so.

Being a hippy aside, I’ve seen with my own eyes the devastating effects overuse of certain drugs can cause. Despite being an aging hippy and surviving the 70s drug culture with flying colours I’m not about to start taking drugs without first investigating cause and effect, especially at my age.

Far out, man!

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It’s quite ironic when I realise my battle with Lymphoma is giving me soft and brittle bones, when I also consider I have written an historical trilogy entitled The Brittle Saga Trilogy. Which Segues nicely into this.

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Magda is rescued by another ship, captained by Richard Blackmore.

In the ship’s sickbay, it’s discovered the survivor has lost her memory. The crew of the rescue ship give the survivor a name, Maggie, to use until her memory returns. But as the ship sails to New York a new personality in Maggie takes hold, stifling Magda in the process.
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