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One of the worse things that an ill person can experience is not always pain or discomfort from their illness. Sometimes it’s a lack of knowledge about your illness. Not knowing if you’re getting better, worse or just passing the time of day can be more frightening than pain sometimes. If you know you are ill, know the pain and discomfort you are experiencing, is due to that illness, then you have a chance to deal with it by visiting your doctor. That said, once you are in the treatment cycle, and information from the doctor and the medical team dries up, you, the patient, are going to begin wondering what’s happening. That is when your mind chooses to give you some scenarios that aren’t typical of your reality. Indeed, you may even be thinking you are approaching the worst-case scenario and about to kick the bucket! Well, my experience with my Lymphoma isn’t such that I believe that I’m about to drop dead, but my experience with an uncommunicative medical team has left me more than a little frustrated. In fact, I get the feeling I have no right to ask questions about the state of my own health. Alas, this is fairly typical of Cyprus.

In most cases, mine, my wife’s, people we know, where a serious medical issue has arisen, there has almost been a medical blackout on information. Yet typically, that hasn’t been the case initially where everything has been carefully explained. It’s only when you get into the actual nitty-gritty of treatment, when questions arise, that answers can sometimes dry up. Never mind. I’m tenacious if not subtle, so I’ll keep on pushing for some healthy information.

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