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Tomorrow is chemo day, again. I’m under no illusions, it’s going to give me a wide-ranging set of ups and downs for the next few days. I’m used to it. What I’ve been finding difficult is the lack of information about how long I’m going to be having chemo for. The nurses and doctor are great. But information was not forthcoming for a month or more, and when it was, I misunderstood what I was being told. But I continued to ask more questions. And then it sank in.

I was originally told I was going to have chemo for six weeks. But that turned out to mean my first cycle was six weeks long, because the chemo comes in six week cycles.

Last week I was shown the data for my next chemo session, and it showed no more appointments after tomorrow. But that turned out to be false because my chemo was supposed to be administered over six months in six weekly cycles. Information given wasn’t fully accurate and not understood by me anyway. Lost in translation, indeed.

Now I understand.

All it takes is a little information imparted, and understood, and I’m a happy bunny. But it’s also six of one and half a dozen of the other… I should have taken time to learn Greek, because I’ve been here fourteen years and still can’t grasp the language!

Slap on the wrist.

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