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It’s official. In my old age I must avoid certain physical exertions. Seems I’m too soft for sex and heavy lifting is an absolute no-no!

“Too soft for sex?” I hear you say. Yes, too soft… no, not soft like that! Dem bones are a little brittle.

Okay, dear reader, I admit it, I’m a big softy, in more ways than one. Yes, I cry when I watch Black Beauty the film and at any other sad film, I’m tricked into watching. But more than that, I’m also soft in the head, neck, spine, ribs, arms, hands, pelvis, legs and feet… there’s a song in there somewhere.

Yes, dem bones are soft and if I’m not careful, they may break. Especially if I do too much gardening and heavy lifting. Gardening of the Lymphoma variety is now out of bounds.

Right about now you’re wondering what I’m babbling about. Well, I’m a little bit happier today than over the last three days. Over the weekend I didn’t sleep because I had excruciating pain in my right pelvis. I put this down to my chemo doing some damage to my bones. The only relief was through sitting in my bath, full to the brim with hot water. Paracetamol had no effect, so it was grin and bear it or down to A & E in Paphos. I’ve been to A & E in Paphos before, so grin and bear it was my choice.

By Monday afternoon I had a session with my Oncologist, and it turns out, the pain was good news. My bones in the area of the pain were going soft, and that means the chemo is working and my Lymphoma is on the run. However, I must avoid heavy lifting as these soft bones can easily break.

So, more pills for pain relief, pills to build up my bones and an ominous sounding calcium injection tomorrow.

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Copyright © Tom Kane 2022

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