Numbers Matter

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In my working life with computers designing software and designing logos for t-shirts, or in my retirement, writing novels and stories, worrying about the word count, or simply reading a book on a tablet, wondering how many more pages to go before I get to the end of the book, numbers play a significant role in our lives.

We may not realise it, but every day, numbers impinge on our day at almost every level, from what time the alarm goes off in the morning, to what time we go to bed at night.

Before my retirement I completed a marathon data transfer between an Estate Agent’s web database to two other similar web-based databases. That was a total of 550 properties, their descriptions and property images. At the same time, I had to be aware of spelling mistakes and oddities and I had to prove the data transfer was correct, no good having a picture of a bungalow in Paphos when it should be a Villa in Souni. It may not seem too exhausting sitting in front of a computer transferring data from one place to another, but I must admit I did sleep well in the few weeks it took me to complete the task, so much so I think I have created the modern equivalent of counting sheep to sleep. Numbers matter.

Simply living and feeding your family isn’t easy whether you live in Outer Mongolia or in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest. I’m assuming Outer Mongolia’s human social pecking order may well be down to how many horses you own and tribes in the rain-forest live or perish depending on how many trees are illegally felled in their area. Numbers matter.

When I designed and sold school uniforms, the summer break was great. A couple of months of school holidays. No school or nursery uniform to embroider, print or sell but I would still be revamping four websites, 150 web pages, before the new school season starts in September, the ninth month of the year and the pre-cursor to the final quarter of the year. Numbers matter.

In a rush getting to an appointment and you’re late, running to catch a train that’s leaving the platform, or rushing through the check-in process so you don’t miss your flight. Seconds tick by quickly, minutes seem to speed up and there are never enough hours in the day. And, sadly, weeks seem to speed by faster and faster as you get older.

From the day we are conceived to the point of our deaths, numbers matter.

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