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A post on Twitter about not remembering a song/artist’s name has prompted me to remembering the times I’ve had music or songs I dislike going through my head, and not being able to get rid of them, sometimes for days.

I’m usually pretty good at remembering songs/tunes/artists, I even get some right in quizzes, but my big gripe is playing songs in my head, over and over again and usually songs I hate. My inner self seems to relish making me listen to endless minutes, hours, sometimes days of something I hate. Even worse is when my inner self does the same thing with something I like. Net result is I eventually hear it so often I hate it.

A person only has to mention they have a certain song in their head and bang! It’s there inside my head too – thank you so much for the last time I had the Birdy Song in my head all day.

I’m not averse to most songs, only one really. And that song is That’s Amore by Dean Martin. In the UK I had a multimedia business, creating DVDs (when DVDs were still new) from video, and a lot were wedding DVDs and, you guessed it, that song was on quite a lot of them. Over many years I must have listened to that song hundreds of times and I absolutely hate it.

Despite being an old song, it pops up on the radio or TV sometimes and it sends shivers down my spine. Not happy shivers of good memories, but simply shivers of despair because no matter what, I cannot seem to avoid Dean Martin and That’s Amore.

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