The Great Body Build Up

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Since my cancer diagnosis and starting chemotherapy in June 2022, I’ve lost about 5 stone in weight. In kilograms that’s about 32 kilos. In lbs for my American friends, 5 stone is around 70lbs. I was 17 stone and I’m now 12 stone. Skin is hanging from my stomach, legs and buttocks. In fact, I’ve lost so much from my bum it’s hard to sit down without the aid of several cushions. Bony old bum is the only way to describe it.

Now that I’ve finished my chemotherapy and have conquered cancer (I refuse to think of it as remission as the doc never said the word) I can concentrate on building my body back up. However, I have to be careful. I don’t want to go back to my pre-cancer weight of 17 stone (238lbs or 108kg) as that would put a strain on my heart. But it’s going to be hard putting on any weight at first because my body isn’t processing food as it should do. It will take a few months to get back to a point where I can have muscle and a bit of flab. I think 14 stone is about right for me as I’m a big lad, six feet two inches, or 1.88m.

Only time will tell what I can achieve, but I’m already walking long distances and I can feel the muscles in my legs coming back.

No more looking like a stick insect is my current goal in life.

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