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holographic keyboard
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If it had not been for technology, I wouldn’t be sitting here today, typing this blog post, and, I wouldn’t have a blog let alone an internet connection. It’s technology that allows us to do the things we love best as indie authors, namely, to write. True enough we could all go back to typing, but that’s also using a form of technology. We could go back to pen and paper… technology again. How about a quill and parchment? Sorry, still using a primitive form of technology to create the parchment and the ink. Even a stone tablet needs a tool of some sort to etch into the stone. Painting on a cave? Still need to be able to grind down certain rocks to add water to form a rudimentary paste for painting onto a cave wall. Let’s face it, technology is everywhere, and we need to adapt to it. Now comes my big challenge and one that I predict will be used increasingly in the future. Doing away with keyboards. I can hear the stunned silence as you all reach for your mobile phone and call the men in white coats to have me carted off to the asylum. Well, fear not dear reader, I’m not actually insane, yet. As an indie writer your keyboard is your go to device that allows you to interact with your computer and from there with your audience. Without a keyboard, you can’t write onto a computer, tablet, or phone. That was a true statement until recently. Now the next big breakthrough for writers has arrived. The holographic keyboard. Before you snort your derision, I write this piece on a laptop with a real keyboard. Personally, I’m not ready for a holographic keyboard, I prefer shouting at a solid device when it decides to screw up my writing in some odd twisted electronic way. Technology may be wonderful, but I’ll stick with what I have for now. Copyright © Tom Kane 2022

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