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The Brittle Sea is book one in the Brittle Saga Trilogy.

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We open our story with the Titanic disaster, which is the catalyst that sparks a bloody feud between two families in early 20th century America.
Set against the backdrop of early 20th century America, The Brittle Sea is a story of love and loss, injustice and perseverance, mental illness and heartbreak.
This book has romance, murder and a mystery which automatically hooks you to the story.


“…compelling page-turner…”

“…masterfully woven thrilling plot…”

“The third book in the series is the best of the lot! And it’s a cracker of a series!”

“An absolutely incredible book by Tom Kane. It’s a must read.”

“The Brittle Sea has all that a fictional romp through history can have. Arranged marriage, tragic love story, a mystery and a bad guy you’ll love to hate.”

“After such a shocking and unexpected ending to this book I JUST had to move on to book 2 in this trilogy”

“Tom Kane is an excellent storyteller. Where will this story end? I can’t wait to find out!”

“I have always been interested in history, especially the titanic. But really that story is only a small part of this book. It didn’t matter as this book has everything, romance, suspense, and it keeps you glued with interesting characters. I thought the author was very clever in putting in all the different characters perspective in each chapter. This book leaves it open at the end for more, I am looking forward too. Highly recommended.”


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