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man riding a donkey and writing, in Cyprus

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To me, writing is a passion. It’s also hard work. It’s especially hard work when it’s nice and sunny and all you want to do is go to the beach and write. Yes, write. I want to be able to go down to the beach near me, at Mandria and write. But here’s where life take a hand and stops you in your tracks.

Life, in the form of my cancer and the subsequent treatment, have given me pain in my bones, particularly in my hips. This makes it hard to drive my old Honda HRV down to Mandria. Problem is it’s not an automatic. As my American friends would say, it’s a stick shift. Changing gear can be very painful, and it’s getting worse. I’m avoiding pain killers because I already take them for my neuropathy and though that works for the stabbing pains in my leg and feet, it doesn’t touch the deep pain in my hip joint.

The other show stopper is my laptop. It’s getting old and worn, so much so the space bar fails to work sometimes and other keys are going the same way, not to mention E & A are so worn I can’t see any lettering on them anymore.

So, I have a solution, no I haven’t got a go fund me page, though that’s still an option, instead I’m going to do it the Cyprus way. Yes folks, I’m going back to basics. A mobile typewriter and the sort of transport Cyprus was once famous for. Yes, a donkey.

There’s a sanctuary for donkeys in Paphos and I’m sure they would like an outing to the beach. I can pick up a portable typewriter quite cheaply and there I am, a mobile office, Cyprus style.

Only one drawback, where do I put the carrot to make the donkey move?

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