How Does Your Mediterranean Garden Grow?

my Mediterranean garden

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I’m not a gardener, but I like to dabble in the garden. I’ve made the best of any garden I have had while here in Cyprus. That’s a lot of gardening over fifteen years. Currently I’m facing my biggest challenge. Actually, it’s two challenges. I’m recovering from cancer and at the same time have moved house and started to transform a bombsite into a garden. Here’s a before and after.

You can see in the top right it’s parched grass. Well, it was actually parched weeds. Once cleared it left what looked like parched soil but turned out to be rubble from the stone-house renovation and extension. The soil (dust) simply covered stones, bricks, wood and a lot of glass. The glass had to be rooted out for my dog Max’s sake. Once that was done, I could start on the garden proper. Now the current after image.

my Mediterranean garden

The flower bed is in with a sort of dry-stone wall separating it from Max’s play area. The fence has jasmine growing through as well as a vine and two passion fruits. On the opposite side I’ve got raspberries and pomegranates growing. I’m on the lookout for a red climbing rose and will populate the flower beds with a variety of pansies and other colourful flowers.

So far, it’s taken over two months of slow, and sometimes painful work. But when it’s finished, it should look colourful and pretty.

Now for a coffee and a biscuit.

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