Is the Librarian the Phantom Book Marketeer?

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Have you ever noticed, dear reader, when you go round your local supermarket, someone seems to take great delight in picking up a tin of peas, and depositing them with the pasta. Or it may be a packet of rice in the frozen fish section. I’ve even found a dozen free range eggs happily nestled between the tinned tomatoes and baked beans.

There is a Phantom Produce Placer in every supermarket in every country I have visited, and that’s a lot of supermarkets.

Oddly enough, I’ve found a similar situation with my eBook marketing over the last nine months.

You may, or may not know, I’m a cancer survivor. I’m in recovery and it’s been a long and hard slog the last couple of years. Cancer doesn’t leave much leeway to indie authors for book marketing and my sales have suffered because of that. Not only the sales but also the writing has taken a back seat. But there has been three bright spots on an otherwise dismal sales period. In January, June and September 2023 my free book, The Brittle Sea, suddenly had an awful lot of downloads. Not only that, but also the book sales for the next two books in the trilogy also increased. In all, there were 2,693 mysterious downloads for The Brittle Sea. And sales for The Brittle Land and The Brittle Sky increased to 111 in total over the two titles.

I know for a fact it’s not something I have done to cause this boost in downloads and sales. As mentioned before, my illness has precluded most marketing. There is a thing called chemo-brain associated with chemotherapy. There were and are times I can’t remember what I did an hour ago let alone a month ago. No, it wasn’t me that got those sales and downloads. So, I put it down to Amazon doing an email and featuring The Brittle Sea. Yeah, that’s who it must have been… except for one little thing. A similar, though smaller surge happened with the same books on Draft2Digital platforms. The Brittle Sea had 358 downloads and also a smattering of sales for the other two books in the trilogy. These were downloads to Nook, or Kobo and Apple eBook devices. Nothing to do with Amazon.

I can only come to one conclusion, there is a superhero out there boosting my book sales. I call her The Librarian (no I can’t think of a better name and yes it has to be a her) who, in the dark shadowy streets of the social media world of book marketing, every-now-and-then secretly and quietly, boosts my book sales.

I can think of no other explanation for these weird blips of free book downloads and ancillary sales to other books in the trilogy. I like to think The Librarian does a similar job for other indie authors like myself.

Whatever the explanation, I think I’ve created a worthy new superheroine in The Librarian, and, who knows, I may just write a few tongue in cheek adventures for her.

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