The Demon Detective Agency: Chapter 6

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Genre: Paranormal Thriller | Horror | Supernatural

Publication Date: July 2023.

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The Thin Man: Chapter 6

The thin man sat in his cheap motel room and eyed the web connection on his laptop. The visual flickered badly indicating a poor connection, probably an exceptionally low broadband connection. He slapped the side of the computer, picked it up and shook it, but nothing worked.

“I know nothing about these damn things,” he muttered to himself. “I can’t see the point,” he said.

“Exactly,” the punk-blonde woman on screen said, “you can’t see the point, but I can. That’s why I’m calling the shots. I can see the bigger picture.”

The woman looked stunningly gorgeous, even to the thin man viewing with such a poor connection. He was no spring chicken, but his senses were always pumped up whenever he saw her. He slowly licked his lips and couldn’t help but allow a slight dribble of saliva tumble from his thin, lower lip. He felt he was falling into her dark eyes, eyes that flashed menace but promised a fulfilment of all he desired.

She says so much with her eyes!

“You need to let me in on whatever secrets it is you’re keeping from me, because down here at the sharp end if there’s something I need to know…”

The impossibly blond woman, who’s shock of short cropped blond hair glistened even on the computer screen, screamed at the thin man. “You don’t need to know anything!” She pulled a long dagger with a bone handle and serrated edge from an unseen scabbard and brandished it at the thin man. “You need to know what I tell you and only what I tell you.”

To the delight and absolute fear of the thin man she licked the serrated blade of the knife, keeping her eyes on him.

“Who’s paying you, anyway?” It was almost a purr and the thin man’s mind flashed the image of a cat drinking blood from a bowl, blood glistening on its tongue and then dripping back into the bowl.

Sweat burst onto his forehead and he felt a shiver of fear. “I know,” the thin man said, gasping a little for breath. “It’s just that I need…”

“I need! I need! Is that all you can say? Well, Simmons, let me tell you something. I need Dan and his bitch watched, period.”

Harl Simmons cut the connection and sat back, running his thin fingers through the grey thinning hair on his head. “Nothing but trouble that bitch, she’s gonna to be the death of me as sure as night turns to day.”

Copyright © Tom Kane 2023

Illustration: Ariadne-a-mazed

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