The Gift

gift box

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“What’s in the box?”
“Nothing much, I lied. It’s a present. For my wife,” I said, stammering with nerves, wanting him to shut up.
“What is it? What have you bought her?”
“What?” I said, my voice conveying my annoyance of my workmate as we rode the tram home.
“The Gift. What is it?”
“Just a little something,” I stammered, sweat trickling down my brow and dripping onto my nose.
“Was it expensive?”
Jamail was getting on my nerves now. Stop asking questions, you won’t like the answer you… I checked myself.
Then he said it, the final straw.
“Is it pretty?”
“Dammit, man!” I shouted pulling the pistol out of the box.
“That’s for your wife?”
“It was, but you can have it now,” I screamed, pulling the trigger.

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