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Once upon a time, my favourite food wasn’t strictly speaking a food you would associate with nourishment. It wasn’t something you would eat to stay alive, let’s put it that way. My favourite food was a sweet, liquorice. There, my secret is out. But not just any old Liquorice, it had to be Bassets Liquorice Sticks.

liquorice sticks

These days, there are very few places you can get liquorice like this in Cyprus. There used to be more shops selling this traditional British treat, but not anymore. This, it seems, is mainly due to cost of transport to the island from the UK. Thank you Brexit.

In any event, as health dictates as one gets older, especially as I’m a diabetic, treats like liquorice are no longer acceptable. But I can almost taste them now. It’s the subtle blend of liquorice and aniseed and the fact you have to chew and chew the hard black sticks until the juices are really going and the taste becomes so addictive, you have to chew on another, and another… well, you get the picture.

As for real food, my favourite certainly has an oddball name – Toad in the Hole. I know, if you’re not British you will never quite understand why a food would be named for one of the most unappetizing looking creatures on the planet. Where did the name come from for a yorkshire pudding cooked with sausage in it? Why would a toad be associated with a sausage?

I believe the idea is supposed to have originated from an incident on a golf course, where a golf ball popped in the hole only to pop out again followed by an angry toad. The chef at the golf course created the toad in the hole dish to honour that amusing occurrence.

I would take that with a pinch of salt… or maybe a stick of liquorice.

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