Ants in my Pants

black ants crawling along a twig

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Figuratively speaking, dear reader. I don’t have ants in my pants… not yet.

Here in Cyprus, we get a lot of exotic insects. None more so than the house ant, also known as the Black ant, which can grow up to 5mm. That’s big for an ant. Apparently, there are around 30+ types of ants here. One would be enough for me.

I have no problem with ants, or any other insect. Except when they invade my space. Currently, in my new home, I have a nightly invasion of the black ant, who isn’t, I’m sure, looking for a bed for the night. More likely these are scouts looking for food. If they find a big enough source, it will result in a full-scale invasion. That’s not so bad when we’re dealing with small ants. But these big black ants are likely to make their presence know as they are crunched underfoot. Not only is it a sickening thought, but it’s also a sickening sound as well. I hate the idea of inadvertently killing small creatures, but what can you do when they invade your space.

Well, I tried using a chemical deterrent which was supposed to last up to eight weeks after spraying on the doorstep. It lasted two days, if that. Now I’m going back to nature for a solution. Ants apparently hate the smell of mint, and my new garden has an abundance of mint. So, I’m going to dig up some of the mint and pot it, with small pots either side of the bedroom door, which leads directly out onto the patio.

I’ll let you know if this simple solution works. If not, it may well end up with ants in my pants. Now that’s a sobering thought.

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