The Sweet Cyprus Smell of Success

pestle and mortar surrounded by dried herbs and spices

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Those of you who know me will know I’m a writer. So, you may deduce from the title of this piece that I have become a successful author in my adopted home of Cyprus. Unfortunately, I’m not quite as successful in that respect as I would like to be. Though it does depend on how you measure success. If 20,210 book downloads are considered successful, then yes, I am. But if you factor in that only 2,401 of those were paid for and the rest were free, success is a word you can conjure with to your hearts content.

But, as usual, I digress. The success I allude to is of a more esoteric nature. Yes, I have discovered an inner circle knowledge that some would love to steal from me. Well, dear reader, I’ll give it to you for free. My secret knowledge is… ants hate mint.

I know, you think I’ve flipped and finally succumbed to the strain of life. Far from it. You may have read my previous piece about ants, which you can catch up to here. When you have an ongoing fight of epic proportions against the tiny ants that inhabit the island I also inhabit, then you will know defeating the ants without exterminating them is a tricky thing to achieve. Well, watch out Cyprus ants, because I now have the knowledge. Rubbing fresh mint across my doorstep has stopped the nightly invasion of ants. They simply seem to hate going anywhere near my doorstep and I have been ant free for three nights. Now I know the secret to WMD (Weapons of Mass Distraction) against the ant world, I can move on to testing other theories and refine my discovery. So out comes the trusted pestle and mortar and a mixing I will go.

Okay, it may not seem like too much of a victory to some and to others you’re on the phone to the men in white coats, but for someone who has been fighting ant infestations ever since I arrived in Cyprus, fifteen years ago, this is a well-deserved victory.

Next up is the fight against the ubiquitous fly. Be afraid, Cyprus insects, be very afraid, I’m on a roll.

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