Historical Fiction: Walking Away from Midnight – Sample Chapter 9

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Walking Away from Midnight



It was a warm evening and Jessie had decided to leave her two sets of bedroom windows open, to facilitate a breeze into her bedroom. Otherwise, she knew, it would be hard to get to sleep with the room soon becoming claustrophobic. She was correct in her assumption, and it was a very warm night that night.

“How those priests slept in this heat and on wooden planks and straw is beyond me,” Jessie muttered as she turned over to get more comfortable. An hour later and she was still awake. It was one ‘o’clock in the morning and sleep had evaded her. She lay back and tried to count sheep. After a few minutes she realised she was actually counting taps. Not the sort of tap you find in a sink or bath, but a tapping noise. A noise, she soon realised, which was tapping out words. Being a child of an officer in the British Army, Jessie had learned morse code at an early age. What she was interpreting was a message to someone called Schultz about the death of Maxim and Uwe. The tapping stopped. Silence followed.

Jessie got up and put her robe on, quietly left her room and roamed the corridors trying to locate the position of the tapping. But she heard no more. She went back to her room, settled back into bed and waited for the dawn. She was already too hot and now too excited to sleep. She couldn’t wait to tell her father over breakfast.


“Tapping? You mean you heard someone using a radio telegraphy machine? Sending a message?”

Jessie dropped her toast on her plate in frustration. “Yes! Yes and yes! Why is it so hard for you to understand that?”

“Because it’s in my bloody house, my girl. I am not happy at having a German spy in my own home.”

“How do you know he’s German?”
“How do you know he isn’t she?”

“Good point,” Jessie said, picking up her toast and biting a piece off and chewing. “What do we do?”

“Don’t talk with your mouthful for a start, girl. Your mother gave you better manners than that.”

Jessie glared at her father.

“I mean your real mother, of course.”

Jessie smiled and popped the remaining toast in her mouth.

“We need to search the rooms,” Jessie said, inadvertently spitting out a piece of toast onto the breakfast table.

“You’re incorrigible, Jessie. And no, we don’t want to search the rooms. We need to trap this person, catch him or her in the act. So, we make up a story, make it known something is going to happen or someone important is going to visit us. Of course, the Ambassador is visiting our home. That will make them send a message and we will be quietly scouring the corridors, listening for the tapping.”

“Not that boring man, please. That means we have to organise a party for him. With just the two of us searching for the tapper?”

“No, we can use Armel as well. Maybe her daughter.”

“No, too much of a dunderhead. She’ll give the game away.”

“Well, perhaps I can rope Basil in from the embassy.”

“Just keep the wine cellar locked up.”


“Dad, that means we’ll all be searching for a spy who hasn’t got the time to tap because he or she are searching for themselves.”

“Good point.”

“Okay, just the three of us. I know I’m not the spy, I know my daughter isn’t and I know my wife isn’t. So, it has to be one of the staff.”

“Therein lies a problem, dad. Three of us to cover both the staff quarters at the rear and the closer family quarters as well as Inga in the middle.”

“Well it won’t be Nev,” Albert said.

“How do you know? He was up to something very odd the other day. Maybe he has gambling debts again.”

“How do you know about that? That was all kept very hush-hush.”

“Ever thought of taking up knitting, dad, instead of spying. You may be better suited.”

“Very funny. No, I cannot believe it could be my brother. So, family quarters won’t need surveillance. We can concentrate on Inga and the rest of the staff I think.”

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