Independence from the UK

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I wrote this piece a few years ago. Since that time, we have had the 2014 referendum, the 2014 Commonwealth games, Brexit, the Covid-19 Pandemic, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Oh, and there’s one other thing on the horizon, potentially yet another referendum in Scotland for independence from the UK. Well, take a trip back in time and see what was going on in 2014 before the world went daft.

Independence from the UK

Is it me or is there something singularly British going on this summer of 2014.

I refer to the fact that from 23rd July 2014 to 3rd August 2014 we have the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. These games, formerly the British Empire Games, are an International multi-sport event and are the second largest games after the Olympics and will involve over seventy teams from around the globe.

Now couple this with another event, only a few short weeks after the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth games 2014. That event is the referendum being held for the Scottish people to vote on leaving the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In other words, do the Scottish people want independence from Great Britain?

There is something peculiarly British about these events that no one else seems to have noticed. I say peculiarly British because the British are renowned for being eccentric. And if this next event isn’t eccentric, I do not know what is.

That peculiarity is the fact that on the one hand, Scotland is hosting the 20th Commonwealth Games and in the next breath Scotland is potentially voting themselves not only out of the United Kingdom but also the Commonwealth, the European Union and also the United Nations, What on Earth is that all about?

I must admit I am not too privy to all the ins and outs of Scotland wanting independence, but personally, they want it, fine. No regrets, thanks for all the haggis and bye bye.

But why, why, why are you holding the COMMONWEALTH games at the same time you want a vote on independence from the UK and maybe the COMMONWEALTH?

Tom Kane (c) 2013

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