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What would you do if Twitter disappeared overnight. You wake up one morning and all your Tweets from the past x days or years have ceased to exist. Your Tweets are no more. The Blue Bird is deceased.

Personally, I would work away at Instagram and Facebook and investigate others like Spoutable (or is that sproutable) and a few others. Would you do the same, or spend time lamenting the loss of Twitter, then never darken anyone’s social media door again.

Well, who knows, with Mr Musk mucking about and stirring the Twitter pot on a regular basis, to the annoyance of his faithful customers, it may happen that advertisers will lose faith and pop goes the Twitter bubble.

As an indie writer, you can see my books here, I wouldn’t be at a loss, but I would find it incredibly sad if Twitter fluttered away into the ether, never to be seen again. After all I’ve been on the platform since 2011. That’s a long time interacting with people and using a social media platform that I came to love and respect.

However, it has seen better days and even during the four-year horror of Trump the Terrible, it was never as poor a platform as it is now. And it seems to be getting worse. I may be wrong, and its even possible Elen Musk could turn it around. But I’m not at all sure that is going to happen.

We shall see. Time is a great healer, but Twitter may be running out of time. Are we fast approaching the last Tweet?

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Funny how things change so quickly with social media. I only wrote the above yesterday and now it transpires Meta is launching a rival to Twitter, called Threads. It looks very similar, and I’ll certainly try it. Especially as Mr Musk is fixing to charge for the use of TweetDeck, which I’ve just started using.

Nothing is ever fixed in stone, but Twitter looks set to sink in mud if Mr. Musk carries on in this manner.

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