What’s in an English Name?


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Is marmalade made from fruit or flowers? With a name like Rose’s, this famous brand may be confusing its customers. But that’s what happens in the English-speaking world, confusion is sometimes the norm.

I read an article a while back about an upcoming conflict between Japan in the Blue corner and China in the Red corner. Sabre rattling aside, and none of us want this to go to an armed conflict, I noticed with some amusement the unfortunate name of one of the reporters, a lady whose name I had never come across before. Reporting by Elaine Lies, it said in brackets at the bottom of the article. Not only is it slightly amusing, but it’s also unfortunate that she chose to be a journalist as most of us know the press, according to an ex-president called Trump, is packed to the gunnels with liars. I’m sure Elaine is a very nice honest person, but if I had been her, I would have changed my name years ago.

As for strange surnames, I often wondered what Mr & Mrs Bangs got up to during the long covid lock-down, or did Mr Jiggings ever go a joggings and did Mr Fatti hit it off with Mr Fattiplace?

Bizarre names aside, mine’s bad enough, my real name that is, not my pen name. Originally of French Huguenot origin, my real surname has a special place in our family’s collective hearts. Never has a surname been spelled incorrectly more times than ours, from Howler to Fowler, Slower to Shower and Growler to Owler. The name can be a burden if it’s continually spelled or pronounced incorrectly, which, I’m sorry to say, happens on an almost daily basis.

Odd names are part of any indie authors toolkit but having one in real life can be a little tiresome.

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