Earthquake? Did the Earth Move for You Cyprus?

image of a collapsed building after an earthquake

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Living in Cyprus, where we experience earthquakes every now and then, you would have expected that in fourteen years I would have noticed one or two. Well, unfortunately (don’t I mean fortunately) that was not the case. I tended to miss them, not once but multiple times, until recently.

The last one was while we were in our school shop. Kids were trying on uniforms and my wife suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“Did you feel that?”

“Feel what?” I said, not understanding why everyone had stopped moving.

“You didn’t feel that?” This from a customer.

I stopped and looked round. No one was moving. “What have I missed?”

“An earthquake,” my wife said, incredulity in her voice.

“Earthquake? Nope, didn’t feel or hear anything.”

This was a pattern. I was always missing the earthquakes. I was beginning to believe I was too dumb or heavy for them to affect me. That is until last year, 2021, around the autumn. It was in the early hours, and I was writing my latest historical novel, sat on my sofa with my laptop on my knee. Suddenly, yet slowly, the TV opposite me, the wall and windows behind the TV and all objects in my peripheral vision in the living room decided to do a Samba. It was short-lived, would not have impressed any dance judges, and there was no sound. But it was especially fluid, weird and even a little frightening. Not something I would like to repeat. It seems surreal even now but most definitely the room moved left and right a few times, very violently, but quietly. Bizarre is not a strong enough word to describe it.

Hopefully, it never happens again, or I go back to being too dumb to notice.

Tom Kane © 2022


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